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Metal Buildings

Pifer Construction, Inc. offers the best in commercial construction, which includes steel buildings. We can handle all of your commercial steel building needs, using the highest quality General Steel materials and superior craftsmanship.


Prefabricated steel buildings can be used for any number of structures, from churches, to commercial buildings, to agricultural buildings, to warehouses. Steel building benefits are numerous, including:


  • Speed. Most prefab steel buildings can be erected in just 2/3rds the time of traditional buildings.
  • Durability. Pre-engineered steel buildings are built to last, and able to withstand years of corrosion, weather, structural deterioration, rotting and insect damage.
  • Affordability. Because of low originating and material costs, steel buildings are one of the most economical building options available.
  • Adaptability. Steel buildings can easily be reconfigured and expanded to accommodate changing needs.
  • Appearance. Steel buildings are modern and clean in appearance, and can be easily adapted to a variety of styles.