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Historic Renovation

For those who appreciate the character and beauty of a historic northern Shenandoah Valley home, there’s no greater project than a historic renovation. Because they seek to preserve the architectural integrity and historic details of the home, historic renovations require specialized knowledge of the area’s history, an understanding of vintage building techniques, access to and knowledge of authentic historic building materials, and the ability of to incorporate modern-day building codes into the renovation.

Pifer Construction, Inc., a family-owned construction company located right here in Winchester, VA, has the knowledge and skill it takes to restore your home to its former glory, while adding enough modern conveniences to keep you comfortable.

We have experience restoring and renovating single-family, multifamily and commercial structures in local and state designated historic districts. We can:

• Help you take advantage of applicable state and federal tax credits
• Work with local architectural review boards for necessary construction approval
• Source historically-appropriate building materials
• Create customized architectural components
• Adapt historic structures for re-use

Trust us to do the job and do it right, with the care and attention to detail a historic Southern property deserves.