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Property Management

At Pifer Management, L.L.C., we know how important your investment property is to your financial future. Competent management and maintenance are essential to successful investment—and to your peace of mind. Located in Winchester, VA, Pifer Management is a full-service property management firm offering a range of residential and commercial property management and building maintenance services in Frederick and Clarke counties in Virginia.

With over 35 years of experience, a knowledgeable team of licensed property managers, and a highly competent maintenance and operations staff, we can actively manage and maintain your property while maximizing its return, giving you the freedom to pursue the things you enjoy most.

Pifer Management makes owning an investment property a truly worry and stress-free experience. Our personal approach allows us to be innovative and flexible when dealing with your specific management needs. Our full set of management tools will keep you up plugged in to our team and your property at all times. That’s peace of mind. With our streamlined system we can start working on your behalf in as little as 24-48 hours.

The Pifer Approach

  • Maximize your property value by implementing proper budgeting techniques, timely maintenance and regular inspections.
  • Minimize the impact of vacancies on your bottom line using local market knowledge and proven marketing techniques to fill them quickly
  • Manage your unique property needs with a staff with an in-depth understanding of residential and commercial leases
  • Effectively track your property’s status with comprehensive monthly financial statements
  • We have a great referral program in place for Realtors and Property Owners